Vice-president-Elect Cristina Kirchner Took Over the Entire Security Apparatus of Argentina
The candidates for the Ministry of Security. Kirchner wants to exert control over Buenos Aires Province.

Vice-President-elect Cristina Kirchner will take control of the security structure under the administration of Alberto Fernández. After the veto of the massist Diego Gorgal, Kirchner takes control of of that area for which anthropologist Sabina Frederic is one of the strongest candidates.

Sources close to Cristina, who was President of Argentina between 2007 and 2015, told LPO that Frederic would be landing at the ministry along Sergio Berni, although some believe that it could be an "explosive" relationship because they have very different points of view. Because of this, emerges the name of Germán Montenegro, who was her boss in the Defense Secretariat during Nilda Garré's administration.

Both Frederic and Montenegro are part of the Frente de Todos teams and she participates in Agenda Argentina. In addition, she has a good relationship with Santiago Cafiero, which could contribute to get the approval of President-elect Alberto Fernánez's for her to finally be selected. Another name that stands out in the transition offices is Silvia La Ruffa, referenced by Peronist Juan Manuel Olmos.

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In a conversation with LPO, people close to Alberto tried to tone down the different accounts going around, and insisted that "it is not yet defined" who will head Security, even though they confirmed that Gorgal was discarded.

The decision to advance against Gorgal -when Sergio Massa already had one foot inside the ministry- was a hard blow by Cristina to the leader of the Frente Renovador and demonstrates the willingness of the former President to also exercise her power on an issue where she knows that Berni would generate a lot of noise as a result of her tense relationship with Massa.

Although Berni prefers to land at the national ministry, he is mentioned for Security of the Province. Problem is that until a few weeks ago Buenos Aires Province's Governor Axel Kicillof was reluctant to his arrival, but the outlook may have changed following Cristina's request. "The cabinet is defined and everything was talked about with Cristina and Alberto," they say from the inner circle of the governor-elect, who speaks daily with the incoming vice president.

In spite of the dance of candidates and strong hermeticism over the cabinet, Cristina's play has a concrete objective and aims to guarantee her base in the Buenos Aires territory. She knows that the Province is handled from the federal government through two ministries: the Treasury and Security.

Former Buenos Aires Province Governor Daniel Scioli suffered during all his mandate, when the Treasury denied him funds and complicated his administration. But Ministry of Security is also key, because Cristina knows that in a matter of minutes the province can turn into chaos and she needs to have an impact on those decisions.

Kirchner is also interested in the national ministry being in line with the provincial ministry, that is why she also got into the definition of Kicillof, in a name they seek to keep in reserve and became one of the biggest unknowns of the Province of Buenos Aires cabinet.

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