Argentina's President-elect Alberto Fernández Might Lean Toward a Heterodox Economist at the Head of the Treasury
Sources indicate that Fernández already has 90% of his cabinet, excluding the one responsible for the economy.

Argentina's President-elect Alberto Fernández is expected to formally present his cabinet on December 6, four days before taking office. Sources close to Fernández say that he has already assumed 90% of the appointments, although there are still doubts about who will get the Treasury, the most challenging office, and the markets are getting impatient.

" It only remains to decide on 10% of the positions. The second lines and the ministries are closing", they said from Alberto's circle. The fact is that after LPO's scoop on the doubts surrounding Guillermo Nielsen and his subsequent veto as Treasury Minister, the issue went back to square one. In the absence of a legitimate interlocutor, banks and investment funds are already predicting a tense negotiation of the Argentine debt.

At this time, the President-elect is leaning towards appointing a heterodox economist to occupy the Ministry of Economy, as sources told LPO regarding the cabinet negotiations.

Fernández's most recent signals indicate that he could opt for Martín Guzmán, who came up with the idea of announcing that the future government will not take the 11 billion dollars pending from the IMF loan. Guzmán's detractors say he lacks executive experience. But sources close to Vice-president-elect Cristina Kirchner say that he has a strong academic background and that former ministers like Axel Kicillof did not have experience either.

The election of heterodox Fernanda Vallejos as president of the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies is another sign.

Roberto Lavagna, who left his relationship with Alberto visible by announcing the appointment of his son Marco as the next head of Indec, is still being mentioned as a possible candidate. However, so far the former minister has objected to the different options that were presented to him to integrate into the incoming government.

Economist Martín Guzmán.

Guillermo Nielsen canceled meetings with investment funds firms in London. All signs indicate that he will be left out of the cabinet. Although it remains to be seen whether he will named president of energy giant YPF.

While the former head of the Central Bank, Martin Redrado, awaits a call that has not yet arrived, amid the vetoes that hover over the cabinet.

Martín Kulfas, the first to be mentioned as a possible Minister of Economy, consolidates himself as the future Minister of Production and will not only be in charge of the policy for SMEs, but would also have the Energy Secretariat under his umbrella, a key actor on the Vaca Muerta shell project. At this time, that office would go to Sergio Lanziani.

Cecilia Todesca, yet another candidate for the position, would have a role as adviser of the chief of staff. 

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