"Guns are the way to save America from tyranny"
Sebastián Gorka, a former Trump adviser who was acclaimed in Pennsylvania during the largest meeting of gun defenders in the US, talks exclusively with LPO.

The United States concentrates the largest number of privately owned firearms in the world. There are more firearms than people in a country where 40% of them are in civilians' hands.

Despite numerous court cases, the sociopolitical debate continues around the Second Amendment, the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. A good example of the passion for the right to bear arms was the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival in Pennsylvania. It is the largest open-carrying rally in the United States, in which prominent names in the defense of firearms participated, such as Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump.

Gorka forcefully addressed an audience dedicated to ultra-conservative discourse. Even one of the organizers, the Rev. Sean Moon, who referred to progressive politics as "political satanism", wanted to take a selfie with him.

"Guns are the way to save America from tyranny"

Gorka is an American citizen born in Britain to Hungarian parents. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Corvinus University in Budapest and has made a living as a national security expert focused on Islamic extremism. He was expelled from the FBI for his Islamophobic rhetoric. During Trump administration, he appeared regularly as a spokesman and was part of a White House group called the Strategic Initiatives Group.

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The biggest ovations at the festival went to Gorka, who became one of the voices supporting the former president in a popular political podcast. In conversation with LPO as he walked offstage, the former Trump adviser emphasized the dangers of the current Democratic Party, while signing MAGA caps and posing with supporters who lined up to be photographed with him.

Why are you here?

The significance of events like this is that we have a tyrannical regime growing out of the Biden White House, a Democratic Party that has turned extremist and a threat to the Nation. We have to unite and win the elections. This midterm election will be a victory for the Republicans, but we have to make sure that President Trump gets to the White House in 2024. Freedom is at stake.

Why do you defend guns?

It is very simple: more guns less crime. If a criminal knows that you are armed, he is less likely to commit a crime. But there is a democratic crusade against the Second Amendment, for example the Biden administration wants to register transactions that have to do with guns. They put pressure on credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard to identify potential mass murderers. It is illegal in America to have this kind of registration, that is why they want to use private companies.

In your podcast you talk to a lot of people who defend the Second Amendment, but one of your favorites is Justin Moo, why?

Justin Moo is one of the many people I interview on my show, and unlike others who are afraid of politics, he does not hide. We all have a passion for guns, but Moo wants to save America from tyranny, and guns are the way.

"Uvalde is like Columbine, and it is going to change the way police train"

Many people remember you for your confrontation with a journalist in the White House...

I was invited to the White House for a meeting on social networks three years ago. We talked about censorship of conservatives. After the meeting in the Rose Garden, when it was over, a drunk journalist insulted us. I did not think, I just reacted, I do not regret it.

"Guns are the way to save America from tyranny"

In the context of the Ukraine war, you have expressed yourself openly against Russia.

I am the son of two refugees who escaped from communism in Hungary, a small nation of 10 million people who saw Soviet tanks crush them. In 10 days in 1956, Hungary saw a wave of more than 200 million people, two of them, my parents, who ended up in London. That is Ukraine now, a larger nation with ramifications in oil prices and refugees, demonstrating the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the last century, the loss of the Soviet Union, that is what Putin is fighting for, to recreate that longing.

There is a democratic crusade against the Second Amendment. They put pressure on credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard to identify potential mass murderers. It is illegal in America to have this kind of registration.

On a regular basis, Gorka speaks on his platform with relevant names in the United States who support the Second Amendment, one of the key issues on the Republican agenda to attract the conservative voter. In this context, the National Rifle Association (NRA) remains the main contributor to the cause of gun rights, and other groups have been slowly increasing their influence with their own monetary contributions.

Trump en la convención de la NRA y en modo electoral: "En 2024 vamos a recuperar la Casa Blanca"

With some Republican legislatives showing a willingness to talk about gun reform in the Senate, conversations around new legislation come amid gradual decline in the power of gun lobbyists. Facing a financial decline marked by declining membership and lawsuits, the NRA has lost much of its former glory by contributing monetarily to the gun rights movement. These contributions are expected to increase as November elections approach.

However, the NRA still wields great influence within Republican circles. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), along with former president Donald Trump and other prominent Republican figures, was a speaker at this year's NRA convention, days after the Uvalde shooting that killed 19 people.

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