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Amid push for support, Biden nominates three Latinos to key judicial roles
The nominations come at a time in which Biden is actively reaching out to Latino communities across the country

US President Joe Biden has announced the nomination of three prominent Latinos to serve key roles on the federal judiciary, the White House has announced.

The new batch of eight nominees includes Gabriel Sanchez, currently an associate justice on the California First District Court of Appeals. Sanchez will serve on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The other nominees are New Mexico-based attorney David Herrera Urias to serve on the US District Court for the District of New Mexico, and Los Angeles judge Hernan Vera, to serve on the US District Court for California's Central District.

According to the White House, the nominations "continue to fulfill the President's promise to ensure that the nation's courts reflect the diversity that is one of our greatest assets as a country - both in terms of personal and professional backgrounds."

The nominations were quickly praised by Latino organizations in the US, most notably MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

"The inclusion of three extremely well-qualified Latino nominees, each with a track record of supporting civil rights, and two of whom spent part of their exemplary legal careers at MALDEF, demonstrates the Biden Administration's commitment to including judges in our federal system beyond the usual former prosecutors and big-firm partners," said Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel of MALDEF.

Saenz added that "The slate also provides hope that we can one day arrive at a federal judiciary that includes the large and growing Latino population in numbers commensurate with the future role of Latinos as litigants in the system and leaders in our nation."

Additionally, Saenz said he hopes that the nominations pave the way for the further inclusion of Latino judges in areas that have never had one, including the DC Circuit Court of Appeals - the second most important in the US - and the Seventh Court of Appeals in the Midwest.

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"Finally, today's nominations provide hope that our nation will one day recognize the significant and increasing importance of Latinos, the largest racial minority population in the country for almost twenty years, and their earned right to significant inclusion among our nation's leading jurists," he said.

The nominations come at a time in which Biden is actively reaching out to Latino communities across the country.

Earlier this week, it was reported by The Hill that the Building Back Better campaign has invested nearly $1 million in promoting Biden's policies among the Latino electorate in the key states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.

All six ads will feature Latino citizens speaking about how Biden policies have helped them at home and work.

In a recent interview with LPO, Junelle Cavero Harnal, a former advisor to Bernie Sanders and Head of Political at H Code, recommended a similar approach to reach Latino voters for the Democrats.

Democrats should 'tell authentic stories' to reach Latinos, says former Bernie Sanders advisor

"The Democratic Party now has to tell stories, and compare and contrast the differences," she said. "The Obama administration did a great job sharing stories that anyone could understand. One of the things that the Democratic Party has to do is share stories of what policies are doing and how that impacts a person's current household."

"They don't want to hear from them for the first time when they're being asked to vote," she said. "They want to know the differences in what they're doing - and you've got to show them by telling these stories....that is how the Republican Party was able to respond and garner a lot of support early," she added.

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