About Us

La Politica Online was born in 2005 in Argentina, and quickly became a vital source of information for the country's entire political system. With a staff comprised of the sharpest and most experienced political observers and journalism from the River Plate region, the editorial staff and their management team quickly rose to prominence in Argentine journalism. La Politica Online owes its success to the fact that it is never distracted - nor does it distract - from the intrinsic problems of politics, including the struggle for power and the desire to not lose it. 

Ten years after its launch in Argentina, La Politica Online began operations in Mexico and later in Spain. In both countries, it became an important source of political information highly valued by those in high-level positions. Now, we have set our sights on the ‘Land of Liberty' to provide transparent journalism that enriches democracy with sharp and intelligent intervention. We're keenly focused on the influence of the Latino electorate. We believe it is vital that America's polite elite receive first-hand, first-rate information about stories, controversies, and announcements of Latino-origin politicians, as well as those who represent heavily Latino areas. .