Mexican President defends his decision not to congratulate Biden yet: "We are not wimps of any foreign government"
He said that in the US it is understood that he has not recognized the president-elect and that criticism only comes from his adversaries and "pseudo diplomats".

Questions about the position that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has taken regarding the virtual victory of Joe Biden are already making him uncomfortable. On Wednesday morning AMLO reiterated that he will not make a statement until there is an official announcement, despite the fact that almost all of the world's leaders have recognized the Democrat's victory. In addition, he affirmed that the criticism only comes from his opponents, since he believes that in the United States his position is understood.

Given the claims that this position could be adverse to the relationship between the two countries, Lopez Obrador pointed out with severity: " There is no reason for retaliation, because we are bound by our laws. Furthermore, we are not a colony, we are a free, independent, sovereign country. The Mexican Government is not a wimp of any foreign government," he said.

And to make his position clearer -which he defends is in accordance with the Constitution- he informed that he instructed Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard to draft a memorandum for the embassies, in which he will annex the text of the Estrada Doctrine and the complete Constitutional Article 89. In any case, he insisted that this decision is understood in the United States. Where it is not, in his opinion, is by his adversaries in Mexico "and certain pseudo-diplomats".

He said that this issue is being used by his adversaries to attack him, in view of the fact that the 2021 midterm elections in Mexico are approaching. This includes the harsh accusations against CFE CEO Manuel Bartlett, whom they blame for the floods in the state of Tabasco.

"The media want to get a hold of Bartlett," he said. However, he assured that the situation in Tabasco "is very normal; the rivers are overflowing, the greens are rioting. That's normal. It is the passion. In Tabasco politics is passion".

He added: "We are already in the electoral season and the purpose [of our opponents] is to defeat us". He recalled that Jesus Ramirez, presidential spokesperson, has also been targeted, since he was accused in the media of alleged tax fraud. Senator Lilly Tellez demanded up to nine years in jail for his alleged crimes.

"I wish the media would report on how we are dealing with the crisis in Tabasco, the recognition for [former trade negotiator Jesús] Seade, and the housing reform. But no, the eight columns are about Bartlett and Adam; that I don't care about Tabasco; this business of recognizing one candidate or another in the United States," López Obrador added.

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