US dollar reached $160 Argentine pesos on the black market, almost double the official price
The so-called "dollar blue" accelerated its rise this Thursday. Cash with liquidation jumped to $153.25. The gap reached 95%.

The so-called dollar blue jumped again on Thursday. In the city of Buenos Aires it was available at $158 and $160 for sale and $155 for purchase. This way, the difference with the official price, which today closed at $82 on the board of Banco Nación, already reaches 95%.

With less supply due to the Central Bank new restrictions on the exchange market, the dollar blue jumped $5 on Thursday (3.2%), exceeding the price advances of any other currency.

The cash with liquidation, on the other hand, rose another 1.9% and closed at $153.28 and the dollar exchange, climbed 1.4% to $140.95, a new historic high.

The rise had no correlation with the evolution of the wholesale market, where the wholesale currency remained stable at $77.11 with few sales from the Central Bank. Today, Central Bank president Miguel Ángel Pesce disbursed some $20 million in reserves to the market. Thus, he compensated for purchases made at the beginning of the week - the first buying day in 3 weeks.

The greatest devaluation pressures were also evident in Uruguay. The Central Bank takes the Argentine peso as if the dollar here were quoted at $437.50. 5.3 times more than the official $82.

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