Hispanic Caucus Condemns Trump over López Obrador Visit: "It is a blatant attempt to politicize U.S.-Mexico relationship"
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus published a scathing letter criticizing the planned visit. Trump invited the Mexican President during the worst crisis in recent memory.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, headed by Congressman Joaquin Castro, on Wednesday released a strong letter urging U.S. President Donald Trump to call off his meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, calling it a "blatant attempt to politicize the important U.S.-Mexico relationship along partisan lines".

In the letter, Latino members of the Democratic caucus express their "concerns and disapproval" with AMLO's visit next week. "it is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the coronavirus and your failure to lead an adequate response to the pandemic."

House sources told LPO that the letter proposal came from Mexican-American Congressman Chuy Garcia. "For the congressman it is a very personal matter, he is an immigrant from the state of Durango," they explained. "He is the first congressman from Chicago born in Mexico, and he represents a very diverse community with many Mexican Americans and Latinos".

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Sources said that, in Garcia's opinion, "President Trump will try to manipulate AMLO's visit [for his reelection] but four years of attacks and insults against Mexicans will not be erased".

Caucus members noted that in border states like Arizona and Texas Covid-19 is out of control and has resulted in the deaths of more than 120,000 Americans and the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, "decimating Latino communities".

The members of Congress said that any meetings with the Mexican president "should include an explanation to why the Pentagon is keeping as many as 4,000 troops at the border despite any sign of an ongoing crisis and a plan for the United States to terminate the Migrant Protection Protocols, which have stranded over 60,000 asylum seekers in Mexico, violated international law, and subjected vulnerable women, men, and children to abuse, sex trafficking, kidnapping, and exploitation".

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The letter suggests that, if the meeting were indeed to discuss the USMCA, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be present. "[I]t appears that holding a meeting later would be most appropriate to ensure all involved countries could attend".

They also criticize the fact that the summit is taking place when the US Congress is not in session and the members of Congress are in their districts "addressing the needs of communities across the United States that have been devastated by this pandemic".

"[T]his is an open attempt to politicize the important U.S.-Mexico relationship along partisan lines".

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