After Trump's Declaration on Mexican Cartels, López Obrador Responds: "We do not accept any foreign intervention, Mexico is a sovereign country"
At the celebration of his first year in office, AMLO boasted Evo Morale's asylum and thanked Uruguay's Pepe Mujica for his attendance at the event. "Democracy, yes; militarism, no".

To celebrate his first year in office, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador organized a massive rally at Mexico City's Zócalo, the central plaza of the Mexican capital. At the event, with the first square of the city's Historic Center bursting with attendees, the president sent a message to his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump.

"We do not accept any type of intervention, we are a free and sovereign nation," said the president. Earlier, AMLO boasted the political asylum he granted to ousted former Bolivian President Evo Morales. "He is not only a brother and part of the people, but also a victim of a coup d'état", the president said. "Democracy, yes; militarism, no."

The U.S. Pushes Military Intervention in Mexico for Lopez Obrador to Resume the Detention of Drug Lords

The president made reference to the security aid offered by the White House to the Mexican government. "We thank President Donald Trump for his solidarity expressed in the crisis of violence in Culiacan, and after the sad and painful events in which three women and six children from the Mexican-American families LeBarón and Langford lost their lives," he said.

"We recognize that in both cases the U.S. president offered us help and respect. In other words, he was respectful and offered the help, and at the same time he respected our sovereign right to decide independently and in freedom. The Government of Mexico will fulfill its responsibility to do justice," he added.

"What Trump said creates the impression that there would be military actions in Mexico"

López Obrador noted that on December 1, 2018, he committed to 100 objectives for his administration, of which 89 have been met and 11 are still pending, according to the president. However, he insisted that it will take him another year to lay the groundwork for the changes of the Fourth Transformation, the name he has given to his government, to be "impossible" to overthrow.

Finally, he thanked the presence of the special guest to the event: former president of Uruguay Pepe Mujica, to whom he gave a few words by José Martí. "Years go by maturing, not aging," the president said. 

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