Mexico's López Obrador to Pelosi: "We've met all of your demands, it's time to ratify the USMCA"
The Mexican president will send a letter to the U.S. Congress and the White House urging them to stop postponing the discussion.

Optimism plummeted this Monday at Mexico City's National Palace. The possibility of an early ratification of the USMCA in the U.S. House of Representatives is looking increasingly difficult. The administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized that the discussion of the trade agreement has been complicated this month. Now the Mexican government is betting on hardening its position and sending a message to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to exhort the agreement's ratification.

During the morning press conference, Jesus Seade, main negotiator on the Mexican side, reported that the talks are ongoing, but admitted that "in recent weeks the statements made by certain labor sectors [in the U.S.] have intensified".

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The diplomat also revealed that these discussions "have aired some ideas that are unacceptable to Mexico and we have told them that they are a no-go".

President López Obrador informed that he will be sending this week a statement to the U.S. government and also to the Speaker of the House of Assembly Nancy Pelosi. Mexico faces a tougher scenario. AMLO's government was counting on the enactment of the agreement to boost investment in the country.

"It's time to ratify," said sources from the AMLO administration. The president explained that his government has already fulfilled all the commitments, particularly with the portion of the budget for implementing labor reform in the country, which has already been approved by the Mexican Congress.

In his letter, the Mexican president is not only going to give an account of this, but also asks that U.S. election politics should not be mixed with this discussion and, therefore, that approval should not be delayed. "That [the USMCA] is given due time," the president said.

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"We are going to send a message to the members of Congress, on the best of terms. Not in a spirit of interference but respectfully exhorting that the approval of this trade treaty not be postponed," Lopez Obrador said.

Seade acknowledges that there is still time for it to be reviewed by the third week of December, but his position is far from the optimism he showed a few weeks ago. "I'm not very pessimistic. If it is not resolved in December, it can be resolved in January or February. We always said that an agreement that is not reached this year will be until after the elections twelve months later, but if the problem is that there is no time but there is convergence in opinions, it can be done in these upcoming months," he said.

Lopez Obrador added: "He is pessimistic and I am optimistic because there are good relations with the president of the United States, Donald Trump. I'm sure the Democratic Party will help us". 

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