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Cristina Kirchner: "We are going to look into what happened to the money Macri borrowed from the IMF"
On a rally in La Pampa the former president and Peronist VP candidate talked about investigating the current administration.

During an event on Loyalty Day in La Pampa, former President and VP candidate Cristina Kirchner called for an investigation into Mauricio Macri's debt to the IMF.

"I think we're going to have to find out where the debt money that has been taken in these years went into. It wouldn't be fair otherwise," said the candidate for vice-president of the Frente de Todos. The former president responded to a supporter who shouted "that they should return" the money, in reference to the current government. "Yes, of course," Cristina said several times.

This is a very strong statement from Cristina in the context in which she said it. It happens at a time when the government negotiates with the IMF to try to renegotiate the agreement and when Alberto Fernandez himself moves in that direction and speaks of an amicable renegotiation of the debt. The vice presidential candidate's warning contrasts with the moderation shown by her running mate.

Fernández On the Up during First Debate, Macri Still Looking Fine

Cristina seems to agree with the new head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, who said earlier that before sitting down to talk to Argentina about renegotiating the agreement, she wants to know the economic plans of the future government.

The new head of the IMF asks to know the economic plan of the next government before renegotiating with Argentina.

It was a historic day in La Pampa. The chosen venue was the estate of Don Tomás Lagoon, in Santa Rosa. There, the former president said that she asked that neoliberalism "never return to our country again" and affirmed that Macri was "the third neoliberal experience that Argentina suffers".

The former president assured that "it is the men and women on the street who suffer these policies of devastation" and affirmed that "little by little we were able to rebuild the popular rural areas".

"This unity that we have achieved (in justicialism) does not have to make us believe that everything is won", she said and affirmed that in the Peronist leadership they have "to have the clarity of knowing that it is a tough task that is going to come, because they have impoverished the Argentines once again".

Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández.

Cristina also reiterated the concept of 'machirulo', a term she used after President Macri made a statement she considered sexist. She said that "there is a lot of machirulos on the loose lately. But Peronist women are strong, after Evita, no machirulo.

The first speaker was Pampas governor Carlos Verna, who had broken off relations with Cristina in 2011. "Macri did this (the current situation in the country) but we have responsibilities. We have to fight less and work together," he said, adding that "if you have to swallow toads, then swallow toads boys, but all together on the 27th".

The closing speaker was presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez who said that Macri "got tired of telling lies, he arrived lying and continues to lie". In addition, he called the president "shameless," while accusing the government of "coming to power and destroying everything that was built".

He said that for Macri's government "where there is a need there is a business and they do business for their friends taking away the rights of the people and they are not ashamed to pay the interest they pay to the banks".

Alberto said that with the unity of Peronism "we arrived to give the people an option" and affirmed that "that's why we are returning, because what we need is for Argentina to stop collapsing, which is what happens every time they come to power". 

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