AMLO: "Ratifying the USMCA in the U.S. House will be a piece of cake"
The Mexican president said his administration was ready to guarantee better conditions for Mexican workers, one of Pelosi's conditions.

Just as he did with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mexican President López Obrador sent a letter for House Democrats, reaffirming his commitment to the improvement of working conditions in Mexico, a central issue that the U.S. House of Representatives is demanding as a requirement to ratify the USMCA trade agreement.

The president said this Sunday that his administration is already making progress in this matter, which he confirmed, a U.S. congressmen delegation put on the table in their latest visit to Mexico, although he denied that it was a condition for ratification of the trilateral agreement.

"They are worried because they want to improve working conditions in Mexico: to increase the wages of workers in Mexico and for the to have freedom of association and democracy in the labor unions.

In a video published on Facebook, AMLO explained that the House of Representatives wants certainties that the working conditions of Mexican workers will be improved. He was confident.

Rep. Richard Neal Calls for Labor Reform Guarantees in Mexico Before USMCA Ratification in the House

"As they say colloquially, that's a piece of cake for us because we completely agree. Without [the Americans] pushing us, these are our convictions, our principles," the president said.

He added that for now the minimum wage has already been increased in Mexico and will continue to recover what was lost in the years that correspond to the neoliberal period. He insisted that it cannot be done by decree because it must also take into account the interests of the companies.

The president insisted on the urgency of approving the agreement before November. This week he said that he sees more coincidences than differences, so he ventured to say that it may be ratified as soon as this month. If November comes and goes without the House vote, the fear is that the discussion will be tarnished by the U.S. electoral process. 

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