The Spanish Government Summons U.S. Ambassador and Warns Trump: "Europe is also great"
Pedro Sánchez's envoy warned the United States that, with the European Union, they will face the tariffs imposed by Trump on Spanish products.

The government of Pedro Sanchez raises the bet on the tariff war started by Donald Trump, who on Thursday announced new tariffs for agricultural products and products transported by aircraft, a rule that would result in losses of up to one billion euros in Spain.

The president announced that "all legal measures within our reach will be activated" if it is proven that "the U.S. administration rejects the willingness for dialogue offered by Spain".

In a harsh statement, Sánchez showed frontal opposition to the tariff increase that would greatly impact wine exports, cheese, and oil, and warned that they have summoned the U.S. ambassador in Spain to formally protest the protectionist actions of Trump.

"The tariffs announced yesterday are added to a list of measures adopted by the U.S. administration in the last year against Spanish and European interests, such as tariffs on steel and aluminum, the reactivation of the Helms-Burton Law contravening international law or the imposition of tariffs on Spanish black olives," said the Moncloa in the statement.

"If the US Administration rejects the will for dialogue offered by Spain and the European Union, the Spanish government will react immediately with firmness and clarity to defend the interests of our citizens and companies. All the legal measures available to them will be activated," the text added.

After the communiqué, the government convened an inter-ministerial press conference to give more volume to the diplomatic protest. The ministers of Agriculture, Luis Planas; of Economy, Nadia Calviño, and the spokeswoman Isabel Celaá led the dialogue with the press. "We find it unacceptable that the Spanish agri-food sector is suffering the consequences," said the Minister of Agriculture.

Spain and Europe will know how to respond to the protectionist measures of the international giants because Europe is also great and this is one of the moments to prove it.

"The Government of Spain does not want a trade conflict between the United States and the European Union", the minister added, but clarified that the government will maintain "a firm position in the defense of the interests of our agri-food sector".

"Spain and Europe will know how to respond to the protectionist measures of the international giants, because Europe is also great and this is one of the moments to demonstrate it", added Celaá. 

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