Ocasio vs. BlackRock
Milton Merlo
The congresswoman wants to prevent BlackRock's Larry Fink from becoming secretary of the Treasury if Biden wins in November.

Some moves this week in Washington speak of a climate of accelerated transition, even though there are still two weeks left in the presidential campaign. The gap between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which ranges from 8 to 12 points according to the polls, is shaking up the Democrats who are beginning to visualize their return to the White House.

Last Wednesday Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez published an open letter asking Biden to make sure there is no room in his eventual cabinet for corporate executives or lobbyists. The document is signed by a group of congressmen led by Ocasio and has the endorsement of 40 organizations linked to prominent Democrats such as Senator Bernie Sanders and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Although the letter is quite open about its intentions, the reality is that Ocasio and those who accompany her do not want the head of BlackRock, Larry Fink, to take over the Treasury Department. That is the fight at the heart of it.

Fink controls the world's leading financial player and has strong ties to Trump's economic team. According to reports from people close to the congresswoman, a series of meetings between Fink and Jared Bernstein, who is expected to be head economist for an eventual Biden presidency, are rumored to be going on at the Capitol. Curious combination: a Wall Street titan with an economist who in the Obama administration was in charge of a plan to expand the middle class.

To the most radical Democrats, like Ocasio, Fink would be everything that is wrong in the United States: the triumph of financial speculation, low bank regulations, the elimination of taxes, and the prevention of aggressive policies of income transfer from the most concentrated sectors.

Fink is not the only name on Wall Street to be mentioned in the cabinet, but it undoubtedly arouses greater opposition than Tom Nides, number two at Morgan Stanley, or Roger Altman, owner of Evercore and a friend of the Obamas.

Ocasio's letter exposes the gap that exists between the Democratic ticket and the rank and file of that party. Neither Biden nor Kamala Harris have much to do with the fervor that the New York congresswoman is arousing.

This is not the only story precipitated by the heat of the polls. Since last Monday, an emissary from Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, has been desperately looking for Susan Rice, who is on the short list for the State Department. Guaidó fears that the Democrats will be more flexible towards the Maduro regime.

There is another, more unspeakable resentment: Guaidó is not convinced by Pete Buttigieg as a potential U.N. ambassador. There would be certain links between the former presidential candidate and Citgo, PDVSA's subsidiary in the US, already under the control of Russia, which the Venezuelan opposition does not trust.

Rice, who was Obama's National Security advisor, has been critical of Chavism but is far from suggesting any military solution to the crisis that the South American country is experiencing. She could also become Biden's Chief of Staff if the Secretary of State finally goes to Senator Chris Coons.

The third anticipated move will take place this week when some military attachés who dispatch in Washington will have a meeting with Michele Flournoy, who is mentioned to be Secretary of Defense and who worked at the Pentagon in the Obama administrations.

Flournoy favors a strong integration between Silicon Valley and the military industrial complex. In her public appearances has identified Russia and China as the main challenges for US policy abroad.

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