The Centrao has already won‎

17/07/2022Marco Bastos
The Centrão is the bloc of conservative parties that has dominated Brazilian politics since the return to democracy in 1989. That bloc has been the hinge of the Brazilian political system, supporting all the Presidents of the young Brazilian democracy - both those on the left and on the right.‎

De facto Parliamentarism

23/09/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
The notion of a newly-formed Alberto-following that marginalizes Cristina from the heart of power ignores the structural makeup of the new political scene in Argentina.

Welcome to Peronism

29/08/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
Argentina's markets crisis and the struggle with the IMF are the early signs of a transition of power.

In Argentina the transition is already underway

29/08/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
Macri lost his Treasury Minister after breaching the agreement with the IMF. A difficult transition of power awaits Argentina.

The battle for the dollar has begun

22/07/2019Por Guillermo Laborda
The battle for the dollar has begun. Less than a month before Election Day some major investors have begun to turn around their bets on the Argentine Peso. Guardar
This week

A Silenced Cabinet

12/07/2019Por Andrés Wainstein
The resignation of the Secretary of Finance evidenced the failures in an administration that does not understand how AMLO makes decisions.

The question of the election

07/07/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
Beyond the polls, the Argentinian presidential election holds a key question: What is the ideal option to escape the economic crisis?

It's Peronism, Stupid

14/06/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
With his back against the wall, Macri threw the marketing strategy of Durán Barba out the window and embraced a symbol of orthodox Peronism.

The Queen's Castling

21/05/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
Cristina Kirchner's historic decision to run for VP instead of President opens both the possibility of an escape from the fracture, or a return to that toxic formula of Campora to the Government, Perón to power.

The decline of the Argentinian elites

09/05/2019Por Ignacio Fidanza
The failure in overcoming the crack is also anchored in the persistence of the elites by means of failed strategies.